Do you know, what I don't like? Things that are double. So when I write some words in English - the language of the web - then this is not a translation of my homepage, written in German, because this would be in contrast to the aim of my homepage - to create my internet-IDENTITY. This here must be an extension. But it's a long way... What can I tell you that has nothing to do with language?

Nothing. I can suggest you to learn a new language just for fun. German for example... I can tell you about how language and content are stirred up (That much - I can't write anymore!). When you're English, then you're from far away. I could tell you, where Leipzig was located and about this town, but it is already done elsewhere. I could tell you about Leipzig's history, but history is something I... define as not belonging to me. I think the world is only five minutes old and all memories to times before are just fancies.
 Thomaschurch where J. S. Bach rests in peace