Letter frequencies

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What is it:

Letter frequencies 1.0.1 creates a letter frequency statistic (unigrams, bigrams, trigrams, words) out of
specified file (e.g. plain text files like *.txt).


LetterFrequency.jar (Source and class files inside, type: user@linux:~$ java -jar LetterFrequency.jar to run the app)


Please let me know if there are errors in the program/source or things that can be improved in general.
E-Mail: dborkman [at] fbimn [dot] htwk-leipzig [dot] de


In these pictures a test file (with the text "hello world" inside) demonstrates the features of the app:

Showing the Unigrams of our dummy file

Showing the Bigrams of our dummy file

Showing the Trigrams of our dummy file

Showing the Words of our dummy file