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SoundFX (short SFX) is an editor for digitized audiodata (samples). SFX is built in a modular way and features a comfortable GUI (Graphic User Interface). With SFX you can add effects (which are really unique on amiga) to your samples and edit them extensivly.

New website : www.sonicpulse.de
This is the new home of the support-pages for soundfx & co.

What is new? Lots of new things here and there. See yourself.

Below you can see a list of features :
  • more than 50 effects, with many parameters and complexs ways to modulate them, like :
    • SoundSynthesis (AM,FM,...)
    • 3D-Cube-Parametermodulation (Mix, Equalize)
    • Effects e.g. Hall, Echo, Delay, Chorus/Phaser, Morph, Pitchshift ...
    • Operations e.g. Resample, ZeroPass (FadeIn/FadeOut), Middle, Amplify, Mix, DeCrackle, ConvertChannels ...
    • 2D/3D-Spectrumanalysis
    • very good filters and boosters with resonancy !!!
  • nearly every parameter could be modulated in the following ways :
    • none : no modulation, static processing
    • curve : fades smooth from one value to a second one with variable curvature
    • cycle : oszilates between two value with different waveforms, frequency and phase are adjustable
    • vector : envelope editor
    • user : a samplebuffer modulates the value, contains several mappings, can even grab the modulator volume or pitch-envelope
  • SoundFX has several alpha-channels (one for each important parameter), furthermore SoundFX can generate alpha-channels algorithmically.
  • more than 100 presets are included
  • features 4 different interpolations types
  • fx,loaders and savers are external program modules and will be loaded on first use
  • reads and writes many sample formats including various compression types
  • now also clippboard support (with all 256 clipunits)
  • you can work with many samples at once (every sample has it`s own sizeable window)
  • works in mono,stereo,quadro
  • NEW : works with samples on disk (when running out of memory)
  • sampledata is held in memory or on disk with 16bit quality
  • high quality, because of floatingpoint-arithmetic (80/64bit) during calculations
  • plays in 8bit,14bit and 14bit-calibrated on the standart paula-chip, players are using only up to 4kByte Chipmemory
  • AHI-player (for soundcard-owners) [AHI compatible]
  • unlimited X and Y zooming
  • NEW : X and Y axis in samplewindows
  • features lots of different units for entering parameters and displaying axis
  • NEW : extensivly expanded mark and range editing
  • font, screenmode and sizesensitive gui
  • NEW : more settings
  • appicon support
  • clippboard-support with all 256 units
  • systemconform programmed (tested with cyberguard,mungwall and patchwork)
  • and many more features (read guide)
I need your help. I'm looking for people doing some translations - not the whole guides, just installerscripts, ordeform and locale (whatever language you can offer). The archive (see downloads below) contains all texts to translate and now also an locale catalog, which will turn most parts of the new SoundFX release into that language. Further I would like to receive your presets. If you come across a nice parameterset for an operator, save the preset and send it to me. I'll include that in further distributions. Of course I would mention you in the guides and would offer some discount for your help. Just contact me.

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Below you can display some screenshots of SFX to see how it looks like. The screenshots are from versions 3.34, 3.40, 3.70 and 4.00.

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Please go to www.sonicpulse.de for getting the most recent version.
2IDs now offer SoundFX preset support at www.2IDs.de/2ids_sfxsup_presets.htm.

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Now [03.Mar.1999] a web-ring for amiga audio related applications has been set up. Browse to other pages and see what software is available too.

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