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Welcome of the Amiga Audio Software Webring Home. This ring links sites developing audio/sound/music related packages for the amiga-platform. This will help to navigate and to find relevant information.

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  • This webring was created on 03.Mar, 1999 and is maintained by Stefan Kost.

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    If your site deals with audio/sound/music related software for the AMIGA, then you may wish to add your page to the ring. I will inspect your site and decide whether it could be added it to the webring or not (In most cases it will ;-)). So here comes how to join:

    1. Please fill out the form below.
    2. You will be e-mailed immediately upon submitting your application.
    3. Please insert thes HTML code listed below (and listed in the reply mail) onto your webpage.
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    4. Your application will remain on the queue until I personally add you to our WebRing. Your application will remain on the queue for 30 days. If deleted, you may re-submit your site again, if you wish.
    5. Once the HTML code is inserted, please e-mail me for confirmation. Please include your Site ID number.
    6. If your WebPage meets the above requirements and have inserted the HTML code, only then will you become a member.

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