Workshop on Haskell And Rewriting Techniques (HART) 2013

update: HART 2014

Haskell is an advanced purely-functional programming language. Rewriting is the science of replacing equals by equals and thus a very powerful method for dealing with equations. There are strong connections between Haskell programming and rewriting.

Therefore, we announce a new workshop,

International Workshop on Haskell And Rewriting Techniques

HART 2013

to be held on June 27, in conjunction with RDP 2013, in Eindhoven. (RDP contains RTA, the main rewriting conference.)

Aims and Scope

We plan a half day of discussions, in an informal setting, on how Haskell and rewriting techniques and theories can cross-fertilize each other.

Topics of interest are, for example,

  • equational reasoning and other rewriting techniques for program verification and analysis;
  • lambda calculi and type systems for functional programs and higher order rewriting systems;
  • rewriting of type expressions in the type checker;
  • rewriting of programs by refactoring tools, optimizers, code generators;
  • execution of programs as a form of graph rewriting;
  • template Haskell, introducing a rewriting-like macro language into the compilation process.

This list of topics is non-exclusive. If you have a contribution that connects Haskell and rewriting, then submit. When in doubt, contact a member of the program committee.

Accepted Papers and Preliminary Schedule

  • 14:00 -- 15:30 Session 1
    • Bertram Felgenhauer, Martin Avanzini and Christian Sternagel. A Haskell Library for Term Rewriting (pdf)
    • Joachim Breitner, Brian Huffman, Neil Mitchell and Christian Sternagel. Certified HLints with Isabelle/HOLCF-Prelude (pdf)
    • Joeri van Eekelen, Sean Leather and Johan Jeuring. Type-Changing Program Transformations with Pattern Matching (pdf)
  • 16:00 -- 17:30 Session 2
    • Alexander Bau and Johannes Waldmann. Propositional Encoding of Constraints over Tree-Shaped Data (pdf)
    • Marcus Ermler. Towards a Verification Framework for Haskell by Combining Graph Transformation Units and SAT Solving (pdf)
    • (Panel Discussion) How can Haskell support rewriting better? What can rewriting learn from Haskell?


is handled via RDP 2013 Registration and Accomodation. Note: early registration deadline: June 1.

Program committee


  • February: call for papers
  • April 7: submission page is open
  • May 21: deadline for submissions
  • May 28: notification of acceptance
  • (June 1: RDP early registration deadline)
  • June 27: HART workshop

Submission and Proceedings

Two categories of submissions are invited:

  • Extended abstracts. Presenting original research, and also preliminary reports of work in progress. Will be included in the proceedings.
  • Presentation-only papers. Describing work recently published or submitted. Will not be included in the proceedings.

Papers should be at most 5 pages in length, and should use the easychair.cls style. Submission is handled through the EasyChair HART2013 page.

In line with the informal style of the workshop, the reviewing of submissions will be light.

When accepting and scheduling presentations, preference will be given to original research.

Proceedings will be made available electronically at the workshop.

Johannes Waldmann | Fakultät IMN | HTWK Leipzig