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Welcome to Ensonic's Page - the WWW support page for my AMIGA shareware and public domain software, which I wrote during my studies at the HTWK Leipzig/FB IMN.
You can download everything for free. I've even included sources in all freeware archives for educational purposes. Feel free to contact me to discuss them.

After a search on the web on "Ensonic" I found out that many people mixing up my nickname and the name of the company called "Ensoniq" (please note the different ending). I have no business relation to that company. If you wrongly came to this page then please use the following link to go to the right one :

--- www.emu.com ---

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There is a description for all programs and the possibility to download them as lzx archives as well. Click here to get a binary of UnLZX or click here to get it with the ending .zip (you should rename it after the download - it's just the executable).

The programs are available per Aminet too, but as LHA-archives (means bigger) and sometimes a little bit older.

Some programs are supplied with an installer script. They require the recent version of this tool, which you can download from here.

Another thing is, that lots of people have problems with downloads. There are several ways to deal with that, which are described below :

  • Please hold the shift-key while clicking the link to the file you want to get. This forces "binary save to disk".
  • Or configure you browser to automatically do this when linking to files ending to *.lha and *.lzx. Add or Edit the type "application/x-lzx" and set action to "save to disk".
  • Additionally I have added links to the archives with the ending *.zip. These are the SAME as the .lzx archives. Just rename them to .lzx after download and use lzx or unlzx to decruch them. This is just for making your browser "think" it is a pc zip archive.

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Below are some links for private AMIGA related homepages of a some of my friends :

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These pages were written directly in HTML with ProgED/Amiga and XEmacs/Solaris. All graphics were made with PersonalPaint/Amiga and Gimp/Solaris.

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