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ISR 2015: Student Research Posters

We encourage student participants to present their research in rewriting, in the form of a poster. These posters will be reviewed by the lecturers of ISR, and will be displayed and discussed during the school.

This is a great opportunity to explain what you are doing, and get live feedback from experts as well as from fellow students.


Your poster should contain this information:

  • poster title, your name and affiliation,
  • if applicable: type of thesis (bachelor, master, PhD), status (starting, ongoing, completed) and advisor,
  • the specific problem that you are working on,
  • how this fits within rewriting research in general (as defined, e.g., by the scope of ISR),
  • the method that you are applying,
  • the results that you already have, or hope to obtain,
  • pointers to prior work on the subject.

Do not write too much text (at most 600 words total). Use diagrams. Include examples that can be followed by non-experts.

Convince the readers of your poster that you are working on something exciting!

Submissions will be evaluated by effectiveness and clarity of exposition.

You don’t need to print an abstract on the poster (because the poster is in itself an abstract of your work) but you need an ASCII abstract (100 words) for the submission email.


  • draft submission: June 21
  • notification: July 10
  • final version: August 1

Submit to the local organizer an email containing

  • subject: ISR 2015 poster submission,
  • in plain text: author, title, abstract,
  • attached, in PDF: the (draft) poster.

The draft should contain all essential information but the layout and formatting can be preliminary.


The final poster must be in A1 format (841 mm x 594 mm) (landscape or portrait - your choice).

For general recommendations on poster design, see Creating Effective Poster Presentations, containing also this advice: If you print your poster on a standard sheet of paper, you should be able to read all of it - including text in figures - comfortably. If you can’t, your text is too small.

These LaTeX packages may be helpful: a0poster, textpos.

We are investigating options for printing your poster here (for a fee), so you don’t have to carry it with you while traveling. If you want this, contact us for detail, and submit the final version electronically by the deadline posted above.

ISR 2015, August 10-14, F-IMN, HTWK Leipzig, Germany. | Legal Note (Impressum)